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What we do?

We build strategic data analytics platforms helping businesses gain value from their data assets and extend their capabilities to truly data-driven decision making.



Getting to define a problem is presumably one of the most intricate and vigorously dismissed stages in the data analytics pipeline.



Data preparation is the process of gathering, combining, structuring and organizing data so it can be used in business intelligence (BI), analytics and data visualization applications. The components of data preparation include data preprocessing, profiling, cleansing, validation and transformation.



A business dashboard offers at-a-glance insights based on key performance indicators (KPIs) and is an intuitive and visually pleasing way to consume data. We believe the goal of each interactive dashboard you create should be better, faster, and stronger decision making while telling a story.



The dashboard design process starts with defining our stakeholders and determining what decisions they need to make, we then determine what metrics would support those decisions. Next we prototype dashboards with pen and paper, get feedback, and iterate.



Once the dashboard has been built and tested, it is then deployed into production and security requirements are implemented. With the dashboard in production or "live," steps must also be taken to provide for ongoing maintenance.

Our Labs

Power BI can unify all of your organization’s data with powerful import, ETL, and other data management capabilities.

Zoho Analytics being a full-fledged, powerful and scalable analytics platform, allows developers and system integrators to develop and deploy custom analytics apps and integrations.

Domo is a cloud-based dashboard and data visualization platform that turns data into actionable insights —quickly and easily — for better, faster decision making.

Tableau is a visual analytics platform transforming the way we use data to solve problems—empowering people and organizations to make the most of their data.

Looker, built from the ground up on top of the world’s fastest and most recent analytic databases, is a powerful tool that allows users to create interactive data visualization at lightning speed.

Processing big data in real time is challenging due to scalability, information inconsistency, and fault tolerance. Big Data Analysis with Python will help you to use the tools that can control this data avalanche for you.